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Here's what some of Jessica's clients have to say.... 


​"Working with Jessica has given me a completely different outlook on health and fitness. I love that as a trainer, she understands the importance of weight training for weight loss and body contouring. Lifting weights through Jessica has given me a new found confidence in myself. I used to be terrified of lifting weights with the guys, but now being the only woman in the weight room gives me a sense of pride! Jessica's workouts are easy to follow and tailored to my ability. I always feel a sense of personal accomplishment when leaving the gym after one of her workouts! As far as nutrition, Jessica has helped to change some of my disordered views on eating. After "dieting" and trying to survive on 1200 calories a day for years, Jessica has helped me to realize how important the right amount of healthy fuel is for your body. She was patient with me as we found the correct amount of calories my body needed to rev up my metabolism after years of low caloric intake. Now, I get to enjoy a lot of the healthy, calorie dense foods I had been missing while on other diets!"


-Laura, Special Education high school teacher


"Online personal trainer, Jessica Eppley-Bluhm, is a health and fitness guru! I worked with her for 4 1/2 months and was nothing short of AMAZED with my results!! She took the time to get to know me and created a meal and exercise plan that fit me personally. When people see my before-and-after pictures they always ask, "What are you doing that you lost all that weight?" And then I talked their ear off about working with Jessica! A lot of people wondered how I found the strength to complete my weekly workouts without her at the gym to hold me accountable. It wasn't too hard because I made a vow to report to her every week whether it was positive or negative. But no matter what my report was, Jessica always stayed positive and gave me new ideas on how to attack the next week. She was very knowledgeable and always had great tips on her Facebook page. It was a pleasure doing business with Jessica. She took the time to answer any questions I had and I certainly appreciated her help! Thank you for all you've done, Jessica!"


-Whittney, Preschool Associate Director/Teacher


"I did a really good job of following the nutrition plan you gave me last fall and was seeing visible results...and then the Holiday's hit and I totally stopped paying attention and tracking what I was eating. Then I bought myself the Insanity DVD set for X-Mas and started that on Jan 5th, thinking that would be a fun way to burn fat and tone. After three weeks of doing the DVD's M - F, plus still lifting on my lunch breaks 3 - 4 times/week, I was feeling stronger, but actually looked like I was gaining fat in my tummy and thighs. I was not paying attention to the amount of protein/carbs/fat that I was eating...just choosing healthy options most of the time, having no idea at the end of the day what I had really eaten. I decided last Sunday to start following your nutrition plan again and WOW what a difference even after just 4 days! Sometimes even having someone tell you what will work best doesn't always sink in until you can see the difference personally. Just wanted to say thank you for what you do to help peoplel, because this plan is helping me to see the results I was hoping to see.”​



When I started this journey on September 9th, 2020 I could have never imagined where it would take me. I was out of shape and overweight, my knees – legs – hips hurt all the time and going up and down stairs was horrible! I needed HELP!! I chose this because I knew that I couldn’t do it alone! I was sick of feeling like I was living in a FOG!

I knew someone that was going to the gym and asked them about it. She told me to contact the owner, so I called him and he gave me your name. We texted and talked and decided to meet. Jess you are a godsend! I couldn’t have been more pleased. You helped me get started on this life changing journey to eating right, exercising and making better health choices. You show me the right way to do weight lifting, always answer my questions and modify things to help me so I get the best result. I really like that every time we meet, we do different exercises (it keeps me from getting bored) makes it much more fun.  

I’m so pleased with the progress I have made. I feel SO much better (more energy- stronger) it keeps getting better every day! I don’t have the pain in my legs, hips and knees any more so it makes it much easier going up and down stairs.

I was SO scared to start at the gym, having a personal trainer was all so new to me! But I’m proud of myself for walking in that door and it has changed my life! Jessica you have changed my life! You are more than a personal trainer to me! You are a person I’m glad to call a friend! You have really made a difference in this lady’s life and I am so thankful!! 


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